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My name is Arielle Mayer; I was in the Army for six and a half years.  My last duty station was Camp Zama, Japan, where I was a medic in a family practice clinic. I had enjoyed the time I served in the Army but decided not to re-enlist when I became pregnant with my first son. I was married to a fellow soldier, who was leaving the country on orders to attend, warrant officer candidate school and shortly after, helicopter flight school. I felt that in order to keep my new family together, this was the best option.

After getting out of the Army, we were blessed with one more baby and then tried to go back to school. I bounced between nursing and paramedic courses. It was a challenge because it depended on where we lived and how long my husband would be stationed at that location (or if he was going to deploy).

It wasn’t until we finally moved back to my home state of Washington that I had success. I was trying to find something that had decent pay while waiting to be hired by the fire department (who never called). My brother was in the sheet metal trades and told me to use Helmets to Hardhats, that they would help me through the application process.  I quickly learned that being a veteran and using the Helmets to Hardhats program, meant you were expedited through the waiting period for new hires. It was like getting a free ticket to the front of the line. I was called to work about six months later, a process that I’ve heard can take a lot longer! I make good money, I have great benefits, and because of the Helmets to Hardhats program, I have been working in the sheet metal trade and never looked back.

Thank you Helmets to Hardhats,

Arielle Mayer

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