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The SMART Heroes Program

SMART Heroes provides sheet metal industry training through an accelerated seven-week program for enlisted U.S. Military men and women who plan to enter civilian life within the year, assisting with their successful transition to the civilian workforce and satisfying lifelong career in the sheet metal industry.

The sheet metal industry needs highly skilled and motivated workers. As an apprentice, you participate in both on-the-job training and classroom study, allowing you to acquire practical experience while learning the technical aspects of the industry. When you enter an apprenticeship, you agree to work in an on-the-job training program and to attend specialized classes for between four and five years.

Once the service member is accepted into the program, sheet metal training will last seven weeks. Three broad categories of instruction are delivered: general sheet metal, welding, and service. The class is full time and will provide the equivalent of first-year apprenticeship training (224 hours).

For more information visit the SMART Heroes website at

The Millwrights Veterans Program (MVP)

The Millwrights Veterans Program (MVP) offers a Free 8-week veterans program specially designed to take specific military experience matched with innovative millwrights training for a rewarding career

Easily Transition from the Military to the Millwrights – Your MOS may have already prepared you to be a millwright if your experience includes industrial, diesel, turbine, track, hydraulics, automotive, aircraft, or other mechanical MOS. RATING or AFSC are strongly encouraged to apply.

Millwrights install, maintain, diagnose, and repair equipment such as compressors, pumps, conveyors, gas and steam turbines, monorails, and extruders. They can be found performing mission-critical work at coal, gas, nuclear, and alternative-energy power plants. Their skills are also vital in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

For more information visit the UBC MVP page at MVP Program

The Veterans in Piping (VIP) program

The Veterans in Piping (VIP) program offers high-quality skills training and jobs in the pipe trades to US veterans and active duty military personnel preparing to leave the service.

UA General President William P. Hite established the program as a means of addressing two important issues: 1. A growing shortage in the construction industry of skilled workers due to the combined effects of an aging workforce, increased demand, and lack of skills training for youth; and 2. An exceedingly high unemployment rate for US veterans, despite there being a disciplined and highly trainable population.

Military and government officials have lauded VIP as a model in workforce development. Participants enroll in accelerated 18-week courses in welding and/or HVACR service, both fields experiencing increased demand for skilled workers. They also earn industry-recognized certifications as a part of their education. Upon graduation, VIPs gain direct entry into UA apprenticeship, leading to lifelong career opportunities. All training is paid for entirely by the UA and its industry partners at NO cost to participants. For more information visit the UA’s website at

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