Helmets to Hardhats is administered by the Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment and Veterans Employment (CMRAVE), a joint labor-management committee created by the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO, and several national construction industry employer associations. This committee is made up of 32 individuals representing both management and labor in a collaboration to serve the needs of all in our industry. Outside of CMRAVE, we have our H2H Executive Committee made up of 4 individuals who guide our program to success while our Executive Director ensures that those guided collaborations play out day to day.

The H2H Impact in Numbers


Number of military service members H2H has successfully assisted into careers


Number of contractors in over 65 different crafts available for H2H Career Seekers


Number of training centers over 65 different crafts available for H2H Career Seekers

Our Leadership

Martin Helms

Executive Director, Helmets to Hardhats

Sean McGarvey

President, NABTU

Brandon Bishop

Secretary-Treasurer, NABTU

Daniel Hogan

Impartial Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, TAUC

Tom Van Oss

Vice President, Cherne Contracting

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