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The Helmets to Hardhats Press Center includes press releases, press kit, press and media resources, and Helmets to Hardhats team bios.

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Press Kit

Helmets to Hardhats is a national program that connects transitioning active-duty military members, veterans, National Guard and Reservists with skilled training and quality career opportunities within the construction industry.

The program is administered by the Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment, and Veterans Employment and headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Direction for management of the center comes from a board of trustees comprised of equal numbers of employer and labor trustees.

Candidates can access information about careers and apprenticeships via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The Helmets to Hardhats profile they complete helps communicate to hiring managers the transferable skills they acquired during their military service.

Job Placement
Helmets to Hardhats is not a placement company. We refer candidates to promising career providers and refer career providers to qualified candidates.

To apply for work or membership, candidates complete a comprehensive profile that helps the building trades hiring managers determine what transferable skills they acquired during their military service.

Demographics of U.S. Military Veterans

24.4 million veterans
2 million veterans are under age 35
1.7 million veterans are women
1 in 4 adult males is a veteran

The Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment and Veterans Employment administers Helmets to Hardhats.

It was established as a nonprofit Section 501(c)(3) organization with a funding structure set out under Section 302(c)(9) of the Taft-Hartley Act for purposes provided for under Section 6(b) of the Labor-Management Cooperation Act.

The program was created in 2002 and established in 2003.

Company Contacts
Interested personnel are encouraged to register on or call 866-741-6210 for more information.

After completing the registration, employers can post any available careers on the Helmets to Hardhats website.

For information regarding press and media, please contact:

Martin Helms

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